Useful Information for Buying, Renting, or Selling Real Estate

Top Imoti employs experienced credit and insurance professionals who will help you when you do not have the resources to purchase a property. Whenever you feel ready to purchase real estate, it is advisable to become familiar with all the types of financing options.
If, on the other hand, you do have the needed resources, this means you are facing an important choice. You can choose between investing in a house, an apartment, or land on which to build you dream home. You should also decide on the location in which you would like to live and the space of the estate. Now that you know what you are looking for and you have the resources to buy it, the only thing left is for us to find the property that meets all of you criteria.

Real Estate and Mortgage Loans

In case you desire to buy a real estate but you do not have the required resources, there are ways to finance the purchase. One of them is through a real estate loan. First, you need to research the banks’ conditions for this type of a loan (interest, maturity, minimum monthly payment, etc.) When you find the bank offering conditions which satisfy your needs you will have to enter in negotiations with the bank’s representative. Consequently, it is important for you to know that there are two criteria that influence the loan, and these are:
  • The construction stage of the building, if the property is in a new apartment building. In other words, whether the building is still under construction with acquired certificate 14 or 16. Banks are interested in what stage of completion your desired property is, in order to loan the desired sum.
  • The other important criterion for them is the type of construction: new or old/panel. Quite often, banks refuse to finance the purchase of properties in buildings with a panel construction.
Another way to receive financing is through a mortgage loan. What is the difference between a mortgage and a real estate loan? In order to get a real estate loan, you do not have to stake some other property. Also, the money from a real estate loan are transferred directly from the bank to the seller. The only thing left for you to do is to pay the negotiated monthly payments on the agreed dates.
The search of the actual property starts after you have clarified how you will acquire the needed resources and you know what type of real estate you want to buy. We recommend contacting Top Imoti which can help you with the search and will shed light on all of your concerns. You should know that the search period may last longer than you had expected, so equip yourselves with patience and perseverance and never forget that your home is waiting for you.
At Top Imoti Real Estate Agency you will find a full package of consulting and intermediary services for buying, selling, renting out, renting, or management of real estate.

Terms of Working with Top Imoti Real Estate Agency

  1. Buying and Selling
    Both the buyer and the seller are expected to pay a commission of 2% (3% for properties in Sofia) of the value of the real estate being purchased.
  2. Renting Out and Renting
    Both sides of the deal are expected to pay a one-time commission of 50% of the first monthly payment of the rent.
  3. Management Service
    If you own a real-estate that you wish to rent-out, but you do not live in the area, we can manage it for you in exchange for a contractual relationship. On your behalf, you would be expected to provide us with the real estate, keys, the electricity and water bill numbers, and a thorough description of everything in the apartment, which will be attached to the contract. On our behalf, we oblige ourselves to find the appropriate tenants and to monitor their commitment to their obligations – whether they are paying the rent, electricity bills, water bills, and if they are taking good care both of the real estate and the common areas of residence.

  4. By signing this type of contract between the landlord and the agency, the landlord is expected to give a monthly payment of 10% of the rent to the agency.